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Searching for OER Materials

Using Google to Search for Creative Common Materials (short video)



E'ffordability Summit March 2019
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Curating Materials Presentation

EDAD 810 OER Materials Listing

EDAD 825 OER Materials Listing

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CoSN 2019

Evaluating technology programming


Searching for OERs Presentation UWSP

Searching the Orange Grove (short video)

Searching the Merlot Repository (short video)

Using Google to Search for Creative Common Materials (short video)

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Interviewing for your First Principal Position (PDF)

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Stronger Together Conference 2018

The Superintendents' View of Public - School Collaboration

    Attaching a file to a discussion post in Canvas

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IETC Presentation on Evaluating Techology

Raising Student Acheivement Conference: Alternative Programming


Instructional Rubric Presentation (Staff Development for K-12 Teachers)


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