Effectively Evaluating Professional Development IDEACon 2024 

Evaluating Professional Development TCEA 2024 

E'ffordability Summitt 2023

HIPS for Graduate Courses
Baule & Boulton

Presentation Survey on HIPs for Grad Programs

Resources for Further Reading



AI Materials 

Digital Accessibility 


The Revolutionary War in the Mississippi Valley, May 2024



GCU Poster on Engaging Online Students 

NYAR 2022
Savanah, Georgia

Developing Effective Alternative Programming



DigLitCon 2023

Ensuring Accessible Content for All

CATT Equitible Grading Practices
March 2023

Equitable Grading Practives


Springfield, IL

Evaluating the effectiveness of your Technology program

Google Doc

Workshop Materials

IETC_opoly code: Confident Chimpanzee 884


ITEC 2023
DesMoines, Iowa

Evaluating your Technology Plan


IETC Springfield November 2021

Feedback Presentation

AECT 2021
Flipping the Course Evaluation Process


Sample Initial Course Survey

Sample Mid-term Course Survey

Sample Mid-term Course Survey 2

Sample End of Course Survey


UW-Superior Enhancement Day 2020

Building Effective Quizzes in CANVAS (ppt)

Building Effective Quizzes in CANVAS (pdf)

 Intro to EDAD 711 Sample Video



Texas Computing Educators Conference (TCEA) 2021

Engaging Students in Online Courses

IETC Conference November 2020

Effective Methods of Searching for OER Materials

Effectve_Methods for OER Presentation

EDAD 825 OER Materials Listing

Diigo Materials Listing

Diigo Sample csv file


OPID Conference on Teaching & Learning

Searching for OER Materials

Using Google to Search for Creative Common Materials (short video)



E'ffordability Summit March 2019
Materials @ UW Stout

Curating Materials Presentation

EDAD 810 OER Materials Listing



CoSN 2019

Evaluating technology programming


Searching for OERs Presentation UWSP

Searching the Orange Grove (short video)

Searching the Merlot Repository (short video)

Using Google to Search for Creative Common Materials (short video)

Steven Baule's Instructional Portfolio (PDF)

APA Style Resource Page

Interviewing for your First Principal Position (PDF)

Principal Interview Resources


Stronger Together Conference 2018

The Superintendents' View of Public - School Collaboration

    Attaching a file to a discussion post in Canvas

Zoom Account

Steven Baule's SlideShare Account

IETC Presentation on Evaluating Techology

Raising Student Acheivement Conference: Alternative Programming


Instructional Rubric Presentation (Staff Development for K-12 Teachers)


Steve Baule's Twitter (Baule_S) Steve Baule's Blog Sample Tech&Learning Blog Entry